SchoolArt is a project of the ISBO (Islamic Schools Board Organisation) for culture education at (Islamic) schools. This is a programme created by the artist Salomea Saïda Franken together with Roy Hayatmahomed (who filmed and edited it). The Islamic primary school As-Soeffah, is a partner in the project and has also played an important role in trialling and developing the concept.

Salomea Saïda Franken has been a pioneer in this field during the last 8 years, and through it has been able to bring the joy of culture education to Islamic schools.

During the project, Art teachers and their pupils are gradually taught the basic principles of different forms of artistic expression via the DVD and the exercise book focussing on techniques that fit well within the Islamic frame. Pupils work together to make the sets, costumes and paintings, which are then used for a performance. The lessons and results are inspired by art. Hence the name School-Art.

The DVD begins with the basic principles of drawing, and then through a special technique, called gymnastic drawing, the pupils learn that everything we see is based on mathematical [geometrical] forms, which they learn to recognize and master.

Included on the DVD:

  1. Drawing exercises for drawing and copying abstract and figurative art;
  2. Making and designing a template or stencil;
  3. Stippling, and use of the template;
  4. Writing on cloth and the use of the template;
  5. Copying, cutting out and stippling a calligraphy;
  6. Drawing in perspective, (for instance drawing the Kaába).
  7. Creating a set or costume.

On the second part of the DVD are examples of the many school presentations and performances from the last 8 years (mostly by pupils of the As-Soeffah school) which demonstrate the use beautiful sets and costumes learnt from the project. These performances not only took place at school but also in homes for the elderly, hospitals, theatres and the city hall of Amsterdam.

Regardless of religious beliefs, any school can effectively use the DVD and the exercise book to develop the talents of children.

This DVD is not only suitable for use in Islamic schools but is also well suited for other educational establishments because drawing and painting techniques are universal.

More information about the DVD is obtainable from Mrs. Salomea Saïda Franken via the contact page of this website. Or from The ISBO Netherlands: +31-(0)33-4546766 /

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